Appearance[edit | edit source]

Stormfeather is a tom of average build, with few notable features.  He's a medium grey color with darker and lighter spots, and a few white spots mixed in.  He has stormy grey-blue eyes and a grey nose.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Stormfeather has always been very submissive, working hard to follow orders.  He isn't quite happy with Flamestar but he's too scared to speak out; his High Court position keeps him safe.  He follows orders and does as he's told, rarely speaking up about anything.

History[edit | edit source]

Stormfeather wasn't a very interesting kit. Or apprentice. He did what he was told quietly, without a complaint. He stayed the same way as he grew up, doing every task that was given to him. His parents were loyal FlameClan members who pushed him to do his best and obey every order. He never really had any friends, instead focusing on being a perfect FlameClan member, believing there was no other way of life. He hasn't always been completely faithful, bringing prey to the kits a few times, but has generally stayed loyal to the Clan.

He is pulled aside by Snowshadow, who threatens to reveal that he brought prey to the kits if he does not report everything the High Court is doing to her and works for her in secret. Stormfeather agrees, fearful of the she-cat. Later he is seen in the High Court meeting, not saying much. He reports Lightningheart's possession of Meadowkit to Snowshadow, then goes back into the den. He suggests that the High Court should have guards, scared Snowshadow will attack him.

Lightningheart and Flamestar are suspicious of Stormfeather's motives and reject his suggestion.  He talks with Cressheart about organizing an attack to prove they need guards.  He then goes to collect prey from the returning cats.  Snowshadow pulls him aside and asks where Flamestar keeps his poison, but he is unsure where it is.  He guesses the poison is stored in his den, and Snowshadow accepts that answer.

He later appoints a few cats to guard the camp during the false fox attack, choosing rebels on purpose so that the fox will go for rebellious cats instead of loyalists, hoping to show Flamestar he's loyal.  

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Lightningheart, do you think the High Court should have guards? There seems to be an increasing threat of rebellion with the unrest about that one executed cat."

"Any cat could be harboring ill will against the High Court. We can't know unless they speak of it. All they would need to do is get close enough. Although they would be punished after, they still could do some damage."

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