Appearance[edit | edit source]

Flamestar is a dark ginger tabby tom with black splotches, a bushy, white-tipped tail, and amber eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"Flamestar is vicious, cold, cunning, arrogant, and cruel. He created FlameClan for his own benefit, and he treats his warriors like slaves. He is easily angered and explosive, and occasionally, he will unsheathe his claws on a Clanmate if annoyed." - Quoted from the signups

Flamestar is cruel and manipulative, yet he is admired by many warriors.

History[edit | edit source]

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Surprisingly, Flamestar was always bullied by his littermates, Emerald and Swan, as a rogue kit. Although he despised his siblings, he kept his thoughts on them silent, and vowed revenge one day. After building FlameClan, he returned to Twolegplace, where his littermates were starving during the harshest leaf-bare in many seasons, and mercilessly murdered both of them.

Flamestar is first seen emerging from his den and slinking through the clearing. He notices Featherkit crouching fox-lengths away and observing the fresh-kill pile, thinking that she is a troublemaker, but will be a fine warrior. After finishing his inspection of the camp, he stalks back toward his den, only to find Mistyspark standing at the entrance. He is annoyed and asks her what she wants, and she gives him her daily report. Skyrose enters the den and adds that Cressheart noticed Shellfoot has a limp. Flamestar is curious and tells Skyrose to bring Shellfoot to him, and dismisses the High Court she-cats.

After Shellfoot is poisoned, Flamestar clearly doesn't care that Skyrose didn't bring him to his den, noting that Shellfoot's death "isn't such a waste after all", and that he was "only another mouth to feed". He trots into the clearing and begins grooming himself, watching Lightningheart and Skyrose as he does.

Flamestar listens to Lightningheart, Stormfeather, and Skyrose's conversation from a tail-length away, unseen by the High Court warriors and his Heir. Disgusted, he reveals himself and demands whether Stormfeather has seen any hints of rebellion. When Stormfeather replies that it would be foolish to believe themselves invincible, Flamestar turns to menacingly ask Lightningheart and Skyrose what they think.

Flamestar confronts Hazelshade, seeing hatred in her gaze as she watches the High Court cats. He threateningly asks her if she has a problem. When Hazelshade denies the accusation, he comments on the rebellious activity he's seen recently and demands whether the rebels are planning mutiny or not. Hazelshade tells him even if there was, she wouldn't admit it, and that there are too many rebels for his loyalists to defeat alone.

Later, Flamestar "imagines" seeing Mistyspark "betray the Clan". He is furious, and begins to suspect the High Court warriors and Lightningheart. He realizes his Heir and Skyrose are not present, and wonders whether he was wrong about them.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"You underestimate me." - Flamestar to Hazelshade

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